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Amphipod lawsuit has no merit.

In response to yesterday's news that a federal lawsuit is being filed alleging that construction of the Purple Line would cause harm to two species of crustacean known as amphipods, Purple Line NOW President, Ralph Bennett, issued the following statement:

"Today's lawsuit typifies the kind of specious claims that have characterized the history of opposition to the Purple Line."

"Despite the assertions of those who filed the lawsuit, the fact remains that there is no evidence that the species exists within the planned route of the Purple Line. The species is only known to exist in a few springs in the District of Columbia, a fact which was substantiated when this past spring, a search in the Montgomery County section of Rock Creek for the amphipod turned up nothing. Furthermore, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the federal agency responsible for protecting endangered species and their habitats, has held that the construction of the Purple Line would have no effect on the amphipod, even if it were to exist in Montgomery County."

The Purple Line is supported by countless environmental groups including the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Clean Water Action and the League of Conservation Voters. The Sierra Club even went so far as to name the Purple Line as one of the 25 best transportation projects in the United States in 2012. The Purple Line will provide tangible environmental benefits in the form of reduced greenhouse gas emissions and automobile trips, and feature sustainable design elements such as green tracks, green buffers and planter boxes to reduce stormwater runoff and heat gain. The environmental benefits of the Purple Line far outweigh any potential harm."

"Purple Line NOW is confident that this lawsuit will be found to have no merit."

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