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We congratulate Governor-Elect Larry Hogan.

At the end of a hard fought gubernatorial election season, Purple Line NOW! congratulates Governor-Elect Larry Hogan on his effective campaign and robust victory.

The Governor-Elect has stated his intention to address the Purple Line project during the transition. Purple Line NOW!, along with our friends and allies among elected officials and in the business community, will reach out to the incoming administration to discuss the economic benefits of the line, why it has been a top transportation priority for Montgomery and Prince George's Counties, and how it will support the needs of the entire region.

Forms of infrastructure are not a partisan issue but are instead a question of what best fits the needs of each community. This is exemplified by the recent opening of the Silver Line, which began work under a Republican Governor and a Republican President. The Governor-Elect campaigned on bringing jobs and economic growth to Maryland and the Purple Line supports that agenda in multiple ways:

  • Every $100 million of cost is expected to create 2,380 to 4,140 new jobs.
  • Similar projects have produced $3 in economic returns for every $1 invested.
  • The project would include $900 million of Federal Matching funds.
  • The timing of the project is ideal, as interest rates remain at remarkably low levels, increasing the return on investment of infrastructure.
  • The public-private partnership that will construct the line leverages the innovation and enterprise of the private sector to ensure affordability and reduce the financing risk for Maryland's taxpayers.
  • These benefits come on top of 69,300 daily riders and the completion of the Capital Crescent Trail.

Purple Line NOW! exists to spread the word regarding the benefits of the line and we are eager to take on that opportunity once more. Our coalition will continue to advocate and educate on behalf of the Purple Line until all Marylanders have the chance to directly and indirectly experience its benefits for themselves.

Purple Line NOW!
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